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About Alia Taiba

We were inspired by the name of Al-Alia area in Al Madinah al Munawwara ( Taiba ), an area characterized by the production of palm trees. Alia Al Taiba is a company that is specialized in the manufacture, storage and production of dates in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It mainly focuses on collecting date products, industrial packaging to be ready for the market.

Who We Are?

Our story was initiated from the purest spots of earth; Al Madinah Al Monawwara. Since thousand of years, Al Madinah was known as a fertile oasis that contain the most popular palm trees in the world and its blessed dates. Its palm trees are considered to be one of the oldest as it was planted and lasted for 4000 years. Our history dates back to the time and generation of our forefathers, the farmers, since they started the issuance of the palm trees and given it constant care with passion and love to pass this process to us now. With each generation, we have added a different touch to what we have inherited. We have brought all these experiences together to develop our date palm trees so that we can offer them with love to our customers around the world.

Why Alia Al Taiba?

There is an old saying that says ( Makkah citizens know its streets better ) and we say: ( Madinah citizens know its palm trees better), and from this idea, we believe that we have the competence, experience and world-wide thought that enables us to excel in this industry. We are very proud of our process that results perfection in producing dates starting from implanting until the distribution.

Our Mission

Taking a significant care for the Date fruit of the blessed palm tree to achieve the highest economic returns to our companies and our valuable working team and our selected partner customers, by hiring the best local and international talents, maintaining our working places and procedures at the highest standards of perfection and select the best quality Dates only to produce the highest quality and food safety standards.

Our Vision

To be the pioneers of creativity in the Dates industries in the world, creating a new level of food quality and health standard for the Dates and to make our products the most important food products for all the human to love and eat it all the time and anywhere and to make our brand the number one globally in the Dates products and to make our products available in all the countries.

We do the following:

  • Usage of the best soil and manure for palm implanting and growing

  • Usage of natural spring water in palm irrigation and strictly prohibit the use of sewage or pesticides harmful to humans
  • Testing of our products in the best quality and health laboratories globally
  • Monitoring the quality of our products at every stage and every step of our business.
  • Offering a new modern concept that enables all people of all races, ages, education, cultures and religions to use it as a healthy and tasty product.