100% Natural Dates

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Our Stroy

Our story was initiated from the purest spots of earth; Al Madinah Al Monawwara. Since thousand of years, Al Madinah was known as a fertile oasis that contain the most popular palm trees in the world and its blessed dates.

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Our Mission

Taking a significant care for the Date fruit of the blessed palm tree to achieve the highest economic returns to our companies and our valuable working team and our selected partner customers, by hiring the best local and international talents..

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Starting from the planting of the dates until it’s ready to eat.

Sophisticated genuineness followed by a touch of creativity and a worldwide concept. Our interest and passion in our product (Premium Dates) is initiated from its continuous source of health for the consumers since decades ago. Moreover, dates contain almost every hygienic source of food that the human body needs on a daily basis. In addition to that, the date is a popular fruit and has always been over the ages of different cultures, customs and religions due to its richness in health and health elements.

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